Never Give Up by Jan Everett

This book is about little Johnny helping turtles cross a dangerous road.  The book is based on the true story of her husband John’s efforts to rescue turtles crossing the Long Point Causeway, once rated the fourth deadliest road for turtles in North America.

Turtle Crossing by Rick Chrustowski

This story follows the growth and development of a painted box turtle from her birth in an underground nest to her journey to a pond, till she crosses the road to build her own nest and then crosses back to the pond. Along the way, readers learn about the dangers she faces, how she spends the winter, and mating. The illustrations, done with colored pencil over watercolor washes, with lots of watery blues and greens, give readers a close-up view of turtle behavior. A solid source for reports and general interest.–Hope Marie Cook, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic.


Toad’s Road Code by Leyland Perree

When Toad goes to visit his cousin, he decides to take him a delicious cake to share for tea. But how will he get across that very busy road? What he needs is a toad road code!



Species at Risk Game 

A game about the threats of roads to Species at Risk.