Wildlife crossings pave the way for biodiversity

The first dedicated wildlife bridge gets built over Oracle Road in the Sonoran Desert to help protect one of Arizona’s most threatened wildlife linkages.  Volunteers were invited to plant and prepare Pima County’s first vegetated wildlife bridge. Image: Oracle Road wildlife bridge. (Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection). Read More

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Monkton Conservation Commission

Monkton Conservation Commission and partners install new wildlife crossing culverts in Monkton, Vermont to facilitate safe amphibian crossings. Rendering above is of a culvert for salamanders, with side wings. Read More

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More Animals Are Killed By Cars Everyday

More animals are killed by cars each day than we ever could have imagined. John Griffin, Director of humane wildlife services at the Humane Society of the United States, reports, "As one of the largest, if not the largest anthropogenic cause of death for wildlife, this subject needs to be better studied and more needs [...]

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