About Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG)

The Ontario Road Ecology Group (OREG) is a not-for-profit conservation organization that formed in 2009 to ensure wildlife thrives in the face of an ever-growing road network. New roads eliminate habitat for wildlife, create barriers for safe movement and result in the death of many animals from wildlife/vehicle collisions.

OREG achieves its goals by working closely with a diverse membership that includes government and non-government transportation planners, developers, scientists, educators and organizations dedicated to resolving road ecology issues through data collection, policy and public engagement.

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Wildlife crossing signs

2016|0 Comments

Huron Stewardship Council presented Central Huron council with a proposal to erect wildlife crossing signs on two roads in the municipality where turtles and other reptiles are being killed in high numbers. The goal of [...]

Wildlife crossings pave the way for biodiversity

2016|0 Comments

The first dedicated wildlife bridge gets built over Oracle Road in the Sonoran Desert to help protect one of Arizona’s most threatened wildlife linkages.  Volunteers were invited to plant and prepare Pima County’s first vegetated [...]

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Monkton Conservation Commission

2016|0 Comments

Monkton Conservation Commission and partners install new wildlife crossing culverts in Monkton, Vermont to facilitate safe amphibian crossings. Rendering above is of a culvert for salamanders, with side wings. Read More

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